Blu Etrusco

9 december 2014 new CD

Fabio Pianigiani, Naradamuni

A harmonization of sounds and words designed to provide us with new and unexpected tools to get into antiquity, often perceived as a distant world, in reality proving quite close to our being men and women of the present day. Forms of existence turn out to be different as time passes by, but contents are the same: dramas, joys, dreams.
Music helps us overcome these alleged distances, breaking down space and time barriers and allowing the works preserved in the museum to be perceived as real life moments, not as lifeless objects.

Inner Journey

18 october 2014 new CD

Fabio Pianigiani, Naradamuni

Inner journey is synonymous with meditation. The term Meditation describes the goal of this trip, look in recollection of something hidden, which attracts even if it continues to remain invisible. . I think music can afford to go beyond ourselves and perhaps to live emotions that you did not know to bring with you.
Listen to your inner voice, breathing in the tones of music and sounds, let them flow every time you breathe in and you breathe out so that they spread throughout the entire body.
...And so the music and the breath fill your body, these experiences are imprinted in memory and will remain in your consciousness.

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