Master Class and Concert: The Art of Listening

Sound, Health and Wellbeing

This project is a journey into the world of music and sound through the art of listening.  The didactic lesson united with a musical event proposed by Fabio Pianigiani is a successful formula that actively involves the partecipants. Each concert is a unique experience, articulating  both an aesthetic and historical backround that creates a journey through sound as a source of  health and well-being.

The Lecture Demonstration includes:

  • Historical introduction in order to prepare the partecipant for a better comprehension of the music presented and what they represent in the sonic universe;
  • The influence of sound on the psyche;
  • The art of listening;
  • Meditation, East/West sound visualizations;
  • Partecipant’s impressions.

Length: 2 hours

Technical requirements:
Space 3x3m (min)
Projecting screen 2x3 m
Support for projector regulated at height for screen, AC power plug.