Fonte gaya project

The project arises from Fabio Pianigiani’s CD “Fonte Gaia, a musical composition inspired by water and Jacopo della Quercia’s famous sienese fountain “Fonte Gaia”, . This particularly original composition is dedicated to one of the most illustrious examples of sienese Renaissance art. The concert is performed by a formation of musicians who alternate electronic and acoustic instruments creating suggestive contemporary “contaminations”.
The performance also includes:
- choreography:
Maresa Moglia’s Mangalam Dance Company (see curriculum) accompanies some of the musical compositions with original choreographies, an innovative fusion of ethnic and contemporary dance.
- scenography:
Original display by Daniele Sasson (prisma Multimedia Siena) consisting of an autonomous video that interprets the concert’s fundamental theme. The two aspects: music and image integrate eachother yet remain free of didactic interpretation.
However, the main object of the “Fonte Gaia Project” is to promote the relationship between man and water.
Water ,  eternal symbol of life , place of that indispensible reconciliation between man and nature, primigenial matter, evolutive force, domain of scientific research and experimentation of human intelligence and artistic inspiration, is the necessary condition for every human settlement. But, today it is ,above all, a commodity. In the third world the sources of free water are drastically dying. Water, source of life, indispensible element for each living being is increasingly rare and of scarce quality. Along with a quantitative drought there is a “qualitative drought”, which may become the object of grave conflicts among diverse users on a local level and diverse nations on an international level when the common, peaceful use of a borderline resource becomes impossible. The evolution of such a conflict, even in the present, essentially depends on cultural factors, on the diverse perceptions of water’s value in various ethnic and social contexts. 
Water, the most powerful and lasting testimonial of the history of nature and man, is rapidly becoming one of society’s most drammatic issues , a tense challenge full of economic, political and social implications.
This musical event should be perceived as a bridge between specialized information and its popularization on different social levels. Specialized knowledge is impotent if it is not transformed into a widespread awareness of the complexity that the “water issue” has assumed worldwide and in our daily lives.
The goal of the “Fonte Gaia Project” is to promote and affirm a new concept of “water culture”, renew a critical awareness of water waste and abuse, participate in cultural events, workshops, conferences, reunions, exhibits and campaigns in order to:
-examine and spread local and international issues regarding water;
-rediscover and develop the personal and collective relationship with water as mankind’s patrimony.


A musical interpretation of an indian epic

Throughout history, in each epoch, music has been “useful”. It is a vehicle for human emotions, a means with which to express joy, power, knowledge, faith and love. The Ramayana, epic poem from the hindu tradition, is the inspiration for a journey of sound and images aimed at stimulating a healing effect within each individual.

Images: Parama

Length: 1 ½ hr.

Planet earth

A journey through soundscapes

An extraordinary moment of unity between music and images.
We live in a society where more emphasis is placed on what we see rather than what we hear. We no longer remember or never realized that our environment has always been sonorous, even all that we see manifests itself through a series of vibrations within our individual space.
Placet Earth allows us to rediscover those sounds that inhabit our lives (simple excersizes in acoustic ecology).

Images: Fabio Corti

Length: 1 ½ hr.

The water's flow

Everything changes and nothing remains still…

Fabio Pianigiani’s musical composition dedicated to water is presented in a multimedial event where sound and image create a contemporary and suggestive “hybrid”. The scope of the concert is to promote the relationship between man and water. Water is the eternal symbol of life, an indispensable place where man and nature can become reconciled, the original matter and evolutionary source, subject of scientific research and artistic inspiration, a fundamental condition for all human life.

The concert’s aim is to promote a new perspective of water that helps to form a more  critical consciousness of the waste and abuse of water as a  precious resource and to contributo to: cultural manifestations, workshops, conferences, conventions, exhibits, events that aim at confronting and promoting this subject; to rediscover and value our relationship with water, patrimony of humanity.