Curriculum vitae et studiorum

Fabio Pianigiani

After receiving a degree in Musicology in 1980 Fabio Pianigiani traveled abroad in order to perfect his studies in guitar and composition. In England he participated in workshops with Barney Kessel (1978-79) and attended successively courses at the Manhattan School of Music (1979) and Mannes College of Music (1981) in New York, USA. In 1985 Fabio returned to Italy where he began his fortunate collaboration with Gianna Nannini that lasted throughout the 1980s. The album “Profumo” (1986), produced by Connie Plank (Can, Ultravox, The Tourists, Clannad, Killing Joke), has been an enormous success and was accompanied by a world tour. Pianigiani composed for, among others, Donatella Rettore and Riccardo Fogli, for whom he has been artistic producer and arranger. He also collaborated with Alice, Franco Battiato, Ombretta Colli.

Pianigiani has two distinct natures and, at a certain point, that of musician and researcher prevail. A personal and methodical experimentation with “sound” motivates him to explore diverse repertories and experiences: music for video, theater pieces, contemporary dance and unique sound tracks.

In 1993 Pianigiani and Professor Marco Ferrini, president of CSB, were among the founders of the CSB (Centro Studi Bhaktivedanta), an academy dedicated to the study and teaching of Vedic culture where he continues his study and exploration into the nature of sound and its relationship to meditation in “Bhakti Yoga”. Concurrently, Pianigiani remains active as arranger and artistic producer for Mario Castelnuovo, for whom he produced and arranged all three of his albums from 1991 to 1995.

Composing for jazz, ambient and classical music festivals offers Pianigiani continuing opportunities to pursue musical research. In 2000 Pianigiani published his composition on water, “Fonte Gaia”, inspired by the historic fountain in Piazza del Campo, Siena. The piece is a reflection on the symbolic value and deep significance of water. His ever-faceted nature urges him towards a warm oneiric sound, influenced by the great American panoramas, yet intimately Tuscan in nature. He gravitates towards a musical expression both solar and emotional, Mediterranean and oriental.

Since 2002 he has taught Theory and Technique of Musical Production at the Liberal Arts, Communication Science Department, University of Siena. On September 11, 2003 he presented officially “Blu Etrusco”, a CD composed and recorded on commission by the archeology section of the Santa Maria della Scala museum, Siena.

In 2004 Pianigiani collaborated with Dr. Franco Cracolici (School of Traditional Acupuncture of Florence) in the production of 5 CDs tied to the five movements in Chinese medicine: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. In 2007 he received his diploma in Indovedic Psychology (USA), and in 2008 he became an instructor in the CSB’s Counseling Course: The Influence of Sound on the Psyche. Additionally, Pianigiani teaches masters level programs at the University of Siena, “Medicine of the Soul: Sound, Health and Wellbeing”, as well as the masters course in Formation of Interreligious and Intercultural dialogue: “Sound and the Sacred”.
2008  Graduate and Advanced Training  Chakra Sound and Acu Sound Tuning.
2010 Professor at the Music Therapy Center of Tuscany (Itay).
2011 Sound Design for the national exhbit: The Soul and the Music.
Santa Maria della Scala Museum Siena(Italy).
2012-2013 Professor Master at Terni Hospital(Itali) and Supsi (Swiss).
2014 he received a Master in Music and Art Therapy from the University of Tor Vergata(Rome).